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As a lifelong hoosier, and avid nature enthusiast, my life path has traveled an intrinsically artistic route that has allowed me to express my creativity in a variety of exciting ways.  Early in life, family camping excursions showed me the wonders of the environment around us as we spent many a summer vacation in Indiana State Parks.  This early exposure led me to eventually pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture at Purdue University.  I began in ernest to express my creativity, which was heavily influenced by nature, at this time.

My career as a landscape architect led quickly to owning and operating a successful design-build firm of my own, here in Indiana.  While this provided an enormous amount of satisfaction by manipulating plants, stone, and soil to create natural oases for clients, I found an overwhelming desire to pursue even more outlets.  This spark was truly set off by a trip to a handmade paper factory

I had heard tidbits of information about.  This first trip to Twinrocker Handmade Paper triggered a movement back to the exploration of media I had toyed with in college.  Watercolor, Chinese calligraphy and Asian inspired painting really drew me in.

I was enjoying this exploration so much, that I was encouraged to begin showing my work at art fairs.  The success of these initial fairs, and the encouragement of numerous friends and family led to the closing of my successful landscape design build firm, last year, to focus entirely on fine art as a career.  Truly a dream come true for me. 

So, what began as a love of the simple beauty of nature, has come full circle to a path focused on creating works of art that represent this natural awe in my unique way.  Thus allowing the viewer to bring that representation of nature, and contemplative moment, into their everyday lives.